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Henry Electric Company has two divisions. Residential service and renovations, and commercial service are handled through the main part of the company. Commercial construction and large projects are generally handled through the construction division. 


Henry Electric Company was started in the 1970's by Chuck Henry, a father with three teen age sons, to supplement a school teacher's income.  The rest of what Henry Electric has become is the result of three + decades serving customers doing quality work for a fair price.  Since that time, all three sons are now actively involved with the company.  In total, there are eight Henrys in the company. The (getting) older and original, Chuck Henry, handles most of the field men in areas of renovations and reconstruction.  Marty, Chuck's wife, over sees the office and staff.  Judy (not a Henry) handles calls and scheduling in that part of the company. As for those three sons, David Henry is working in the same specialty areas as Chuck.  Chip Henry heads up commercial construction, and Scott Henry is a residential electrician and Casablanca service technician.  

Two of the third generation Henrys are David's two sons, Stephen and Paul, who are continuing to gain experience and getting close to testing for electrical license while making moves towards college and beyond.  When them aboard, we boasted a grand total of eight Henrys, among our other electricians and staff members. Henry Electric Company was formally created in 1977.  

For all these Henrys, we are outnumbered by the non-Henrys. We strive to bring on people who represent our company with the same levels of competence and integrity that we all strive to be our best in.




Our Mission

The mission of Henry Electric is simply to provide quality performance and workmanship with full integrity and competence.




Contact Us:

Our Address:
            P. O. Box 300112 
            Fern Park, FL 32730

Residential, Service, and Renovations

            Phone:        407-834-4032
            Fax No.:     407-830-8366
                    email: judy@henryelectric.net 
Commercial Construction:
            Phone:        407-332-7274
                    email: chip@henryelectric.net 




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